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PM Anthony Albanese says tennis helps his ‘mental health’

The prime minister has revealed his mental health and vowed to continue “connecting with real people” while in the top office.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has vowed to “keep up the truth of the matter” and hopes to continue participating in tennis to help his mental health.

After a busy week on the job, Mr. Albanese moved to the local tennis club Marrickville on Saturday morning where he took part in the doubles match in the Sydney Badge.

He achieved another victory by smashing his opponent, before promising to “keep it real”.

“We played a home game today against Royal Sydney and I’m happy to report that Marrickville won six sets to two,” he told the media at the doorstep of Eastwood on Saturday afternoon.

“It’s kind of fun… I hope to keep playing, my schedule is obviously tough but I want to keep it real.”

Mr. Albanese said he wanted to continue “communicating with real people,” and told his constituents at his home that he was known as “Albo.”

He said, “Until today, no one has formally addressed me…It’s a good thing, they are my friends and from my local community.”

He described tennis as a “simple sport” but said he resorted to it often because it needed his full concentration.

“You hit the ball over the net and between the lines, you can’t think of other things like what’s happening in the world or climate change, or the decision-making processes that you have to do,” Albanese said.

“So I find it to be for my mental health a very beneficial use of my time.”

The prime minister said he had a great week and kept his promise to make “a difference every day”.

Mr. Albanese promised that his government would not give up the ball and had already “participated” in the first week in power.

On Friday, he wrote to the Fair Work Commission to submit a report to ensure minimum wage workers “will not see a real wage cut” and accused the previous government of being “far from reality.”

“I don’t see this as a radical stance, that someone who gets $20.33 an hour doesn’t get a real pay cut, they’re struggling to make ends meet,” Albanese said.

I think some of the rhetoric of the previous government showed that they were detached from how harshly a lot of people were doing there.

“These are minimum wage people, and many of them have been the heroes of the pandemic. They are cleaners. They are essential retail workers, and they are people who deserve a government that is willing to speak on their behalf and I will lead such a government.”

Originally published as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says tennis helps his mental health

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