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Chinese police rescue a woman trapped in a car due to the influx of flash floods

A woman was pulled out of a car stuck in fast-flowing floodwaters in Yingde when heavy floods hit China’s Guangdong province on June 22-23, affecting hundreds of thousands of local residents. The footage, posted on Weibo by the Yingde City Public Security Bureau, shows the dramatic rescue of the woman, who was trapped in a car in Dazhanzhen, Yingde. The footage begins with a phone call recording. According to a machine translation, rescuers ask a trapped person where they are and reply that he is in a car. Bodycam footage then shows officers wading through fast flowing water to drag a woman from a silver car into the bed of a truck. Continuous torrential rains caused rivers to swell and forced residents to evacuate across Guangdong Province, according to Xinhua News Agency. A WeChat message of the Yingde government reported that the Bai River peaked at less than 36 meters around midday on June 22. Credit: Yingde City Public Security Bureau via Storyful

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