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F1 news 2022: Lewis Hamilton faces ban for nose piercing, British Grand Prix

Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton will likely miss this weekend’s British Grand Prix, and it all stems from one small thing.

Lewis Hamilton appeared in the news this week for unwelcome reasons after finding himself embroiled in a racial insult saga.

But with the Formula 1 world landing in Hamilton’s home, the seven-time world champion has found himself in unfamiliar territory.

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Hamilton has never been shy about speaking out and did so when he faced the FIA ​​in early May.

After announcing an all-new ban on jewelry, Hamilton appeared at the Miami Grand Prix wearing eight rings, four necklaces, three watches and earrings.

The standoff between Hamilton and the FIA ​​continued to extend, but the grace period for the rule prohibiting drivers from wearing jewelry on the track expired yesterday.

If Hamilton steps up to Silverstone before the British Grand Prix, the FIA ​​could choose to kick him out of the race.

It would be an extreme measure, and while Hamilton wouldn’t roam like Don King… his nose ring might be the difference.

“I feel almost like a step back, if I think about the steps we’re taking as a sport and the more important issues and reasons we need to focus on,” Hamilton said when the ban began.

“I think we’ve made great strides like this sport. It’s a small thing. I’ve been playing sports for 16 years, and I’ve been wearing jewelry for 16 years.”

“In the car, I only wear my ring and my nose ring, which I can’t even take off. It seems unnecessary for us to get into this feud.”

Hamilton was threatened with being banned from the Monaco Grand Prix, but was given all the clarity after agreeing to have his earrings removed. He got an exemption for his nose ring for two races as it reportedly required surgery to remove it.

After qualifying, the British star was asked if he was happy with the result.

“No no. I got an exemption here, I’ll get an exemption for the rest of the year. Wedding rings are allowed,” said Hamilton.

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