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Northern Territory Indigenous Peoples Treaty Report Offers ‘No Democratic Accountability’

The Northern Territory Aboriginal Treaty Report refers to “a kind of separatism that is dividing democracies,” according to IPA’s John Roskam.

Acting Treaty Commissioner for the Northern Territory Tony McAvoy has released a new 180-page landmark report that outlines a path to greater self-determination for indigenous peoples through legally binding treaties.

Sky News host Peta Kreidlin said the treaty risks turning the Northern Territory into a chain of small states or states, responsible for everything from repairing roads and collecting garbage to setting tax rates and citizenship.

“There is no Democratic accountability,” Roskam told Sky News host Peta Kreidlin.

“What this does not appreciate is that Australians want to build on the goodwill of the entire community.

“But this kind of separatism is dividing our democracy.”

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