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Daniel Ricciardo hits his McLaren F1 teammate Lando Norris with a happy bouncy | video

Daniel Ricciardo’s rivalry with his McLaren teammate Lando Norris has reached comical levels ahead of the British Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo may be six places behind Lando Norris in the Formula One driver’s standings but he has proven to be McLaren’s fastest man on a happy jet.

Unfortunately for Norris, it came as a nasty surprise as the pair played for the crowd at their team’s home at the British Grand Prix.

The Australian and Briton were asked to race the famous childhood games and after an early tangle, Ricciardo took a big lead.

It prompted Norris to abandon the rules. He picked up his happy hopper and ran towards the finish line – this is where he turned into a comedian.

Ricciardo stood up and swung his happy hopper on Norris’ face, unexpectedly connected well and requiring a quick apology.

Apologies were common at the fourth-ranked team after team boss Andreas Seidl lamented both drivers after Ricciardo finished 11th and Norris 15th at the last Canadian Grand Prix.

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