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‘If We Had This We’d Complain Too Much’: Male Politicians Tried A Hot Warm Simulation Sweater

British politicians Ian Duncan Smith, Wes Streeting and Stephen Kinnock were among a group of men who experienced simulated hot flow during an event in Westminster on June 28 aimed at highlighting the shortage of HRT products. Footage released by Representative Carolyn Harris’s office shows the trio feeling the effects of common menopausal symptoms thanks to “MenoVests” offered by the menopause support group Over the Bloody Moon. Duncan Smith says, “If we had this […] We’ll complain a lot,” Harris replied, “and we can’t.” Streeting describes the experience as “extremely unpleasant.” Over the Bloody Moon said, “We gave male MPs insight into getting really excited,” thanks to technology that’s been built. Created in collaboration with Theramex Global and Thread Design & Development Ltd – and it’s fair to say they’ve gained a new level of understanding about how you feel.” Harris wrote on Facebook: “By breaking down these barriers and stigmas, we hope to change the workplace and society for the better and create greater openness and understanding of menopause.” Credit: Carolyn Harris MP via Storyful

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