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Boogie shooting: Police charge Daryl Young with murders of Mervyn, Mary Schwartz and Graham Tighe

New details have emerged about the man accused by police of killing a respected farming family in the far north of Queensland.

Daryl Young, 59, is charged with the murders of Mervyn Schwartz, 71, his wife Mary, 59, and her son Graham Tighe, 35, at the gates of his Bogie property, which is adjacent to Schwartz’s ranch.

Tigi’s brother Ross was hit in the stomach, but narrowly escaped after driving more than 40 kilometers to a nearby farm to sound the alarm.

He was taken to Mackay Hospital and underwent emergency surgery on Thursday evening.

Police said there was a long-running border dispute between Young and Schwartz, who bought the sprawling 30,000-hectare farm for $10 million last year.

Police said Young, Schwartz and Tigi’s family agreed to meet at the fence of Young’s home in a phone conversation Wednesday evening.

Police will allege that Young shot the four victims “execution style” with a rifle.

Young is scheduled to appear in Proserpine Magistrates Court on Monday.

On Friday, he was charged with three counts of murder and one count of murder, after five people were initially arrested.

Young is a longtime Buggy resident and is said to live with his daughter, who is believed to be in her twenties, outside of Bowen.

He is said to be well known in the farming community, having owned properties as far south as Gladstone.

Originally published as a farmer accusing police of triple murder as details about his past emerge

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