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Commonwealth Games 2022: Cody Simpson ‘overwhelmed’ after swimming championships, medals, Instagram and Emma McKeown

Cody Simpson says he was inundated with messages of support after his successful campaign at the Commonwealth Games.

Simpson, who left swimming to pursue a professional music career, has completed a stunning return to the pool in Birmingham, representing Australia for the first time.

The 25-year-old won a gold and silver medal for swimming in the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay and 4x100m mixed medley relay.

In his individual event, Simpson finished fifth in the men’s 100m butterfly final with a time of 52.06 seconds, surpassing his personal best of 51.79 seconds.

Reflecting on his accomplishments, Simpson took to Instagram on Saturday to thank his supporters.

He wrote about his story, along with a picture of his medal.

“My first Commonwealth Games done and dusted off. For me the morning and evening training and the excitement of the race is rewarding enough – but walking away from my first international swim with a gold and a silver (for my men’s 4×100 freestyle relay swim and 4 x 100 miscellaneous) Something that beats drafting at the moment.

“Thank you all. Ready to get back to work, keep improving my solo events and maybe explore new areas.”

“I am honored to represent Australia and to represent all the children who have decided to walk steadily in the direction of their dreams, it is never too late!”

Simpson is now enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Italy with girlfriend Emma McKeon, who won an impressive eight medals (including six golds) in Birmingham.

The Olympic champion and pop star turned swimmer made headlines in and out of the pool during their time in Birmingham, mainly due to a rumored love triangle with fellow Australian swimmer Kyle Chalmers.

When asked how Simpson handled matters after winning her 12th gold in the 50-meter butterfly, McKeown revealed that her heart was racing while watching Simpson’s race, half an hour before she walked into the hall for her event.

“I was so excited for him,” she told Channel 7.

“I get that when I watch him and the other people close to me, more than I do in my own races. I’m excited to watch him tomorrow night.”

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