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James Packer parties with young women in bikinis on a luxury yacht

Australian billionaire James Packer is pictured on a yacht with young women in bikinis.

On Thursday, Mr. Packer was seen enjoying his $250 million luxury yacht in the Mediterranean off the Italian coast.

A wealthy Australian tenant was there with two unknown women and an unknown man.

American director Brett Ratner, 53, who has directed Hollywood films including the X-Men and the Rush Hour franchise, was also in attendance.

In one case, Mr. Packer 54 was photographed holding the hand of a blonde woman while also leaning towards kissing her on the cheek.

At another point, one of the women was seen drinking and dancing on the boat.

Mr. Packer was wearing sunglasses, a dark blue shirt, and black shorts while his friend, Mr. Ratner, was wearing a gray shirt.

The Australian business has been seen spending a lot of time on his luxury yacht in the past few months.

In July, it was revealed that Danish model Josephine Hanning Jensen has been on the billionaire’s luxury yacht since at least July 6.

There is no word yet on whether Packer and Jensen are romantically linked, or if she will be joining him when he returns to Sydney.

It is unclear if the two women spotted on the boat on Thursday were also models.

As the son of media chief Honcho Kerry Packer, James Packer has a net worth of US$1.5 billion (A$2.17 billion) according to Forbes magazine.

Two months ago, Packer revealed he was trying to lose weight after he told The Weekend Australian last month that he was ready to start the “third chapter” of his life as he looked forward to returning to Australia.

“I am now around 130kg and I want to be back to 100kg by the end of 2022,” Packer told the publication.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald around the same time, Packer revealed that he dropped 33kg after quitting alcohol, limiting his calorie intake and daily exercise.

Mr Packer told the newspaper his life was “very good at the moment”, adding: “My mental health is absolutely the best”.

He also revealed that his mental health has also changed, after he stopped taking the antidepressants and antipsychotic medications he was taking.

With the completion of his company’s $8.9 billion stock sale to US private equity firm Blackstone on June 24, which saw Packer pocket a whopping $3.36 billion, he is now ready to plan his return home.

“I want to swim with my kids in Bondi when we are all in Sydney next year and be 100kg,” he said from his home in Mexico.

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