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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s shock split

Close friends of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson confirmed that the couple went their separate ways after several months of dating.

Comedian Davidson, 28, and reality TV king Kardashian, 41, have reportedly decided to be friends, according to a source who spoke exclusively to E! News.

An insider says, “They have a lot of love and respect for each other, but they find that the long distance and difficult schedules make it really difficult to maintain the relationship.”

Davidson is currently in Australia while filming an upcoming comedy in Cairns, where Kardashian recently made a visit.

It comes after the former Saturday Night Live star said marriage and children are “100 percent” of his outlook in an interview with actor Kevin Hart.

During the episode, Davidson also talked about how being a dad would be his “ever favorite thing.”

“(I) am definitely a family man,” he told Hart. “My all-time favorite thing, which I haven’t achieved yet, is that I want to have a baby. It’s like my dream. It would be so much fun to get dressed up.”

Kardashian has similarly hinted at her hopes for the future with the King of Staten Island actor, with sources recently telling People that they are a “very serious couple.”

However, the source added that Kardashian was finding it difficult to run long distances while Davidson filmed his Wizards! Down.

“The long distance has not been easy for Kim, but they are working on making it work. They said they are still very happy,” adding that one of the founders of SKIMS was looking forward to his return to the United States.

“Kim would love to visit Pete in Australia in July. They were separated for several weeks and together enjoyed a long weekend.”

“Pitt is still filming, but it will now be finished in August. He has another project in the US, so he will keep busy.”

The duo confirmed their unlikely pairing in November last year, causing a stir on social media with their steamy displays of affection.

They continued to make headlines when Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West, made several public threats against Davidson, leading to lengthy text messages exchange between the two men as Davidson urged the rapper to “grow up”.

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